By Reuven Harrison

The REST API architecture which originated from Roy Fielding’s dissertation from year 2000 is still the most common API architecture, 21 years later, although quite a few alternatives have emerged since, including GraphQL from Facebook, gRPC from Google and Vulcain which looks promising.

OpenAPI Specification (OAS) is a standard for documenting REST APIs, it is actually an evolution from the previous Swagger standard. Here’s a small example:

info: title: Tufin version: 1.0.0 openapi: 3.0.3 paths: /api/audit: get: parameters: - in: query name: limit required: true schema: description: Non-negative integers (including zero) example: '1000' format: non-negative integer pattern…


From the Security Policy Company. This blog is dedicated to cloud-native topics such as Kubernetes, cloud security and micro-services.

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